CannaCtrl: Sales and INventory made easy

  • CannaCtrl is the only point of sale application in the cannabis industry that can be operated by an iPhone or Android smart phone.

  • CannaCtrl leads the effort to streamline retailer operations for cannabis dispensaries and major cannabis consumption events by partnering with numerous industry leaders.

  • CannaCtrl works in concert with state and local governments and regulatory agencies, making CannaCtrl the top government-compliant smart device app in California.

  • CannaCtrl's seed-to-sale software allows safe and secure access for all dispensaries to Ctrl their business growth.

Cannactrl: The Mission

CannaCtrl grew from the idea that every medical and recreational marijuana dispensary can have access to safe and secure software for their cannabis services. CannaCtrl's point-of-sale application provides dispensaries the ability to track every seed they grow, record every sale they make, and trust every client they serve without the painful costs of hardware technology. CannaCtrl's HIPPA-Secure Cloud Servers and user-friendly technology allows dispensaries to successfully and automatically operate within government regulations through a simple smart device application. 

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