A Vacant Elementary School Could Soon Be A Marijuana Grow Operation


A vacant elementary school could soon be a marijuana grow operation. It seems a Michigan school district is reconsidering selling one of its school buildings to a marijuana firm. The buyer hopes to turn the facility into a medical marijuana cultivation site.

School Board Not Keen on Recreational Marijuana

The East Jackson School district has not always been keen on doing business with the cannabis industry. In fact, the original offer made by the Dromos Group of Waterford expired last year.

But the district’s Board of Education is now on the verge of accepting the company’s offer of $900,000. The details of the Bertha Robinson Elementary School transaction will be hashed out later this week, reports MLive.

The school district was originally concerned that their dealings with marijuana might be a bad influence on the students. Board members were accepting of the idea of using the school to grow medical marijuana. But that’s where the liberal attitude stopped.

School officials expressed apprehension at first. They wanted nothing to do with marijuana sales. That’s something they have not been willing to give in on since the beginning. East Jackson Superintendent Steve Doerr told local reporters, “What’s only legal today, may not be in the future.”


“The board has to do what’s best for East Jackson students and the community,” he added.

No Retail Marijuana Sales Permitted

It turns out that a little finagling in the purchase agreement was all that was necessary. The cannabis company has agreed not to grow marijuana for recreational use.

As part of the deed restrictions, the property can only for growing and processing medical marijuana. The rules will apply for the duration of the deed.

“This locks in this use now and forever, regardless of changes in legislation or ordinances or owners,” Doerr said. “No sale or dispensing of marijuana—medical or otherwise—will be allowed there ever.”

Final Hit: A Vacant Elementary School Could Soon Be A Marijuana Grow Operation

Michigan legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes back in 2008. Since then, advocates have been working to end prohibition altogether. A recent survey shows Michigan residents are in favor of this reform. Almost 57 percent of the population believes marijuana should be taxed and regulated in a manner similar to beer. It is likely that the state could vote on this issue later this year.

No matter what happens with the state’s marijuana laws, Bertha Robinson Elementary School is forever a grow-only territory. Maybe they’ll even grow organic marijuana.


The sale will be final before the end of the week.