Weekly Legislative Schedule: Marijuana Bills in CO, CA, and NJ, Get Hearings


Colorado lawmakers schedule a hearing on consumption club licenses for Tuesday; two California bills will also go before a committee this week, the first proposes banning certain types of butane sales, the second seeks to unbind hemp’s restrictive definition. And in New Jersey, another bill considers removing their 2-ounce limit for medical marijuana.

It’s Springtime in North America – and the fluctuation of political might is on full display. As Trump hunkers down for another Stormy week and Ted Nugent lashes out at the Parkland teens for speaking truth to power, this week’s legislative efforts to reform America’s marijuana laws seems … perfectly logical by comparison.



A bill to create public consumption licenses for marijuana shops in Colorado will receive a hearing on Monday before the Senate Business, Labor, and Technology Committee. First assigned to the committee on March 19, Senate Bill 211will be heard at noon in committee room 271.

Co-sponsored by State Sen. Vicki Marble (R-23rd District) and Rep. Jovan Melton (D-41st District), the bill proposes to allow licensing for individuals who operate retail marijuana shops. Under the proposed bill, those licensed for public consumption would be prohibited from serving prepared food or alcohol on-site. All marijuana products consumed on-site would need to be purchased from the licensed marijuana business/club for individuals over 21. In other words, patrons would be prohibited from bringing their own supplies.



California AB 3112 was introduced by Assemblyman Tom Grayson (D- 14th District) and is scheduled for hearing at 9 a.m. April 3, before the Assembly Public Safety Committee. Held in room 126 at the state capitol, the committee will consider the bill’s proposal to institute new state regulations for the restricted sale of butane. While the sale of small canisters utilized for personal lighters would still be considered lawful, the sale of larger canisters would be deemed unlawful under this proposed legislation. According to California Assembly Bill 3112, anyone who violates the proposed legislation would face a civil penalty of $2,500.

California Senate Bill 1409, a bipartisan bill that proposes changes to California’s industrial hemp laws, will receive a hearing at 9:30 p.m. March 3 before the Senate Agriculture Committee. SB 1409 suggests the deletion of an exclusionary mandate that industrial hemp seed growers be certified on or before January 1, 2013. Furthermore, the bill proposes to modify the current and restrictive definition of “industrial hemp.” Under Chapter 1 of the California Uniform Controlled Substances Act, industrial hemp is strictly viewed as a “fiber or oilseed crop.” This legislation would nullify and remove the requirement that industrial hemp be cultivated as a fiber or oilseed crop only. Ostensibly, this bill could allow California’s industrial hemp growers to utilize their harvest for the production of hemp-derived CBD products.

New Jersey


In New Jersey, A 3421, seeks to remove the current 2-ounce limit and expands access to edibles and oils. Designated as “Jake Honig’s Law,” this legislation will receive a hearing at 7 p.m., March 5, before the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

The legislation stipulates that alternative treatment centers may make medical marijuana available to patients in oil form, removes a restriction that made edible forms of medical marijuana available only to qualifying patients who are minors, and removes the current 2-ounce limit on the quantity of medical marijuana that may be dispensed in a 30-day supply. Additionally, the bill proposes authorizing a patient’s physician be allowed to recommend “medical marijuana in any quantity” for their 30-day supply. And if the recommending physician fails to specify a quantity, “the amount dispensed will be at the discretion of the alternative treatment center,” according to the proposed legislation.

Also on the calendar this week

Marijuana legislation introduced to the 2018 Connecticut General Assembly will receive a public hearing on Tuesday at noon. House Bill 05582 provides for the taxation of retail marijuana products, after legalized sales are authorized. HB 05582 will receive a public hearing before the Finance, Review and Bonding committee.

Legislation introduced in Tennessee seeks to enact the “Medicinal Cannabis Act” and would establish a medical marijuana commission for the regulation of cannabis-related healthcare. Tennessee Senate Bill 1710 is scheduled for a Senate Judiciary Hearing March 3, at 1 p.m. in the Cordell Hull Building.

On March 4 at 10:30 a.m., two Hawaiian bills will be heard in conference room 211 by the Senate Ways and Means committee. Hawaii House Bill 2741 proposes making the cost of medical cannabis a reimbursable expense to be covered by health insurance companies, and House Bill 2742 seeks to establish the Office of Medicinal Cannabis Control and Regulation within the state’s Department of Health. The proposed legislation would designate the Office of Medicinal Cannabis Control to regulate and administer the registration of qualifying patients and primary caregivers –  and all medical marijuana dispensaries.